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R.V. Sainsily Cayol's supersize fresco in the MACTe museum.

"Roots can evoke the quest of the origins to which refers the history of slavery. But beyond, they aim at translating & suggesting a growth, a run-up, a movement, suggesting the life. "
I developed the metaphoric idea, namely that everywhere where the growths, the run-ups, the movements take place, the life blooms, because by all these roots it is the Nature which expresses itself.

I chose to process the huge wall of the MACTe restaurant by what I called "Aquaglyphe" (a kind of writing of incidental lights and vegetable imprints, corals and aquatic fossils). It is a set of forms and of tracks stylized by plants and tropical flowers in movement under the water, with as symbolic content the multiple references, historic, ritual and cultural recalling to the rhizomes which connect us to this island.

The selected treatment is a contemporary acrylic depiction on panels of aluminum covered with sand. The materiality confers a soul to the work. The friendly atmosphere will be strengthened besides the lighting, by the spatial depth created by the blue space, punctuated with a light salmon color, on a turquoise blue aquatic vegetation. An atmosphere which will not miss, near the bay of Darse to evoke the wealth of a such a unique nature."

Richard-Viktor SAINSILY CAYOL / May 2015. Memorial ACTe museum, Guadeloupe FWI 2015.