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Wall decor in a fast-food restaurant McDonalds

As a fast food, McDonald’s wanted a decor easy to be cleaned up & with a fresh design. Located in the heart of the Caribbeans, the restaurant's interior design has to be in harmony with the Guadeloupe's background while staying in the graphic rules of the company.

Artist4Deco cooperated with the advertising agency of McDonald's, specifically regarding the visuals. In terms of competitiveness, our offer appeared to be on the top of the list.

The solution of stickers in very large sizes has been proposed to dress all the walls, on a low price basis. These stickers are very resistant and easily washable, perfectly fitted to the restrictions in a restaurant.

After choosing the decor, Artist4Deco experts printed the stickers and put them up onto the walls.

Project realisation : December 2009

Partners : Project in cooperation with the advertising agency and with Mph.architecture, Jean-Max PERICHON, architect.

Large size wall stickers in McDonald's restaurant in Jarry, Guadeloupe, FWI.


The new decor offers freshness & relaxation.