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Wi'anArt 2017 - Kreyol Garden Exhibition, Memorial ACTe

For the exhibition Kréyòl G(ART)den, which took place from December 16th, 2017 till March 31st, 2018; off the walls of the Memorial ACTe Museum, Artist4deco realized the printing and hanging of the works installed on the outside walls of the museum.

An exhibition to illustrate " an original journey through works in situ which start resonating with the Memorial ACTe ".

The participating artists in this exhibition in the outer spaces of the MACTe were: Eddy Firmin dit Ano (printing/hanging by Artist4deco), Kelly Sinnapah Mary (printing/hanging by Artist4deco), Minia Biabiany, Jean-François Boclé, Joëlle Ferly, Collective Rip' Art, Guy Gabon, Diane Hugé, Jean-Marc Hunt, Atadja Lèwa, François Piquet, Etienne Roussas Light GraFF, Laurence Roussas, Philippe Virapin (printing/hanging by Artist4deco).