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The production center of Dubois Imageries printing company, FWI

For the workshop of this printing company, Artist4Deco suggested a decoration connected to the nature and bound to the paper, at the heart of the printer's business.

To give warmth to the factory, a giant printing of a photography from guadeloupe-based artist SUKA lights up the background. Artist4Deco selected a poetic imagery to generate a calming and soothing effect. Artworks were integrated to the productive section of the company: a gallery overhanging the workshop allows to show original works of Caribbean artists.

The staircases leading to the offices has been covered with a printed sticker (inside & outside) featuring "water drops" in a very graphic B&W.

These choices illustrate the technical capacity of Dubois Imageries to print, to cut and to apply custom-made covers to objects in volume, whatever is their shape. 

Date of realization:May, 2014

Project in partnership with the architect Jean-Max PERICHON, the artist SUKA, and the duet of artists RVSCOD (Sainsily-Cayol and Dubois-Cherrier).