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POOL ART FAIR Guadeloupe, FWI (June 2018, 2015, 2013 & 2012) - Snac Expo, San Francisco & France 2016/17 - Caribbean Graffiti Festival (July 2012), SHOW ROOM Genenviève LETHU, SYDNEY - Australie (July 2011) Galerie IMAGIN’ ART - St-Rose - Guadeloupe

Alfred CASTET, alias Alfredus, was born in Nantes (France) in 1982. At one year old, his family decides to settle on the French-Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

There, he progressively develops a high sensitiveness to the environment surrounding him, feeding his inspiration of its mix of cultures and its colored nature. Talented drawer and passionate painter, he leaves the little island to study visual communication in Bordeaux (France) in 2004.

Two years later, he comes back with new techniques, to paint deep blue submarine life and music that he loves so much, with aerosol spray, acrylic or oil paints.

"I position myself as an islander artist with a traditional-unconventional style. I create in a spontaneous way without betraying my feelings."

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