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The Factory

Our factory

Artist4Deco is a sister company of Dubois Imageries Caraïbes, historically known in Guadeloupe as a major actor of the printing business.

Both companies share the same brand new manufacturing center in Abymes, Guadeloupe. Artist4Deco team works hand in hand with Dubois Imageries Caraïbes technical printing specialists to manufacture unique wall decor products and wall sculptures.

 Take the highest quality for granted

Tuned to your wishes, your time and budgets constraints, we are ready to serve our most demanding customers by offering interior design consultation that meet your expectations and more.

We offer unique wall decor solutions of very high quality thanks to our mastery of all the stages of manufacturing : the creation of printed matters, the digital printing, the cut, the lamination and the installation by our specialists.

Our powerful IT technology allows to handle files in high definition and transmits them in the pixel near, even in very large size, in our state-of-the-art printers. The used materials are chosen according to needs and technical constraints. Furthermore a test band with final scale can be proposed to you as you can feel reassured on the definitive depiction of the work.

For the sharpest reprography manufacturing, Artist4Deco offers a printing solution granted by the EPSON Digigraphy certification.

Artists & photographers, you are welcome to come & consult us !

Focus on 4 printing materials


Paper greatly translates pencil strokes of the finest drawings.

It is especially recommended to express watercolors sensitiveness.


Canvas will never go out of fashion and enhances any artwork reproduction, especially paintings thanks to canvas grain. Its flexibility adapts to all kinds of shapes, including furniture.


Composite of aluminum, Alupanel presents numerous advantages: light, stiff and flexible at the same time, its characteristics make the ideal medium for all the hanging decorations. It allows to print directly on it.

Easily shapable, we use it to create of decoratiove objects and for the photographic printing.
 it is a light and flexible material and

Acrylic glass

Transparent and solid, acrylic glass or Plexiglas definitely is a modern material. It gives depth and intensity to the chosen work.

We print on a thin paper pasted on the Plexiglas. It allows the protection of the printed work on Fine Art paper besides the esthetic quality.