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Ladies of color

Reflection on the Caribbean identity

Press Release 

The Caribbean is perhaps best known for its beautiful beaches, lush scenery and tropical weather, but it is equally important for its unique blend of cultures and people from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

With an inquisitive eye and genuine appreciation for Caribbean heritage, French artist, Gildas Loyant, captures the unmistakable energy of his adopted home of Guadeloupe with a vibrant sense of color and purity of form. Loyant’s geometrically simplified, yet entirely representational digital prints of island women convey the artist’s deep respect and admiration for their physical beauty and cultural complexity.

Working in a color palette dually reminiscent of West African textiles and of the Caribbean landscape, Loyant’s intriguing portraits hint at the multifaceted history that continues to form and shape the Caribbean identity. 

  • Artist Gildas Loyant
  • Place: various , entreprise , hotel , restauration
  • Categories: human , pleasure , life
  • Mounting & Printing options : aluminum , paper , plexiglass , canvas

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