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Bruno P├ędurand's artwork, MACTe museum Guadeloupe

The Memorial ACTe, the new museum dedicated to the Memory and to the History of the slave trade and the slavery, opened its doors on July 7th, 2015. A long-awaited project which pays tribute to the Caribbean people.

Bruno Pédurant created a work specially for this place called "Revolutions".

The artwork is made of large pannels sized 300 x 600 cm, including light boxes, using mixed techniques on Altuglas® and stainless steel, the printings of which with UV ink on brushed stainless steel were printed in the workshops of Artist4deco:

- Images in black and white on plates of stainless steel brushed by 150 x 100 x 0,15 cms

- Images on plates of brushed stainless steel 60 cms in diameter on 0,15 cms in thickness.

" In a curved corridor, artist Bruno Pédurand invites us to penetrate into a haunted universe where the symbols hold a dialogue, involving past and present. A system in which the human being is the central element, the general shape of the installation evoking the hold of a ship. A ship which this time, would not lead to the detested cotton fields, but towards freedom. A freedom that it is entirely up to us to defend, in order to deserve it. » - Memorial ACTe museum, Guadeloupe 2015.