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Dubois Imageries Headquarters in Guadeloupe

Dubois Imageries cherishes values based upon Respect & Passion: the decor of the new building, conveniently located close to the airport, was an opportunity to enhance these values.

The 3 main goals edicted by the CEO were to:

  1. Facilitate the communication between people by limiting the separation between production services and administration
  2. Highlight the expertise and the tecnical equipments by placing the men and the machines at the center of the building.
  3. Strenghten the relationship between the people working in the company and the environment, clients, partners, but also the nature, in order to give a meaning to everyday action.

Dubois Imageries' first purpose was to work with local companies. Moreover, the budget for the decoration of the two separate spaces, the factory and the offices, was around € 4000.

Artist4Deco presented a selection of visuals to express the values of respect toward humans and nature, with references to the specificity of the company: the printing industry.

Playing with existing volumes, Artist4deco dressed up the glass walls with white zebra stickers to give intimacy. 

A majestic metal gate, perforated to show the form of a local tropical tree, the flamboyant, welcome all the visitors.

Project realisation: May 2014

Partners: Jean-Max PERICHON, architect; La Fabrik, creative studio;  artists SUKA, Cédric Dassesson, and RVSCOD (Sainsily-Cayol & Dubois-Cherrier).