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Galerie Moz’Arte, Bordeaux, juin-juillet 2014 Matiba Décoration, Nîmes, septembre 2013 Auberge de la Vieille Tour, Gosier (Guadeloupe), mai 2013 Accent Environnement, décembre 2012 Hôtel Christopher, Saint Barthélémy, novembre 2011 Pool Art F

PIAF is a French artist. Born in Paris in 1963, he now lives and works in Le Moule, in Guadeloupe (a French island in the Caribbean).

From working as a creative designer in the advertising industry, he starts to paint. His work takes him to figurative compositions, telling stories or metaphors. PIAF does not feel accountable to reality. He filters it so as to keep only its poesy, made of light and movement.

The artist from Guadeloupe has created a character of net shapes, rounded, that seems free to move. In a reinvented space in two dimensions, free of any structure, angles disappear and leave room to curved soft and harmonious lines.

The artist uses big tint areas of color, from the whole palette and outlined by dark lines.

Since 2008, PIAF accompanies his reflection of a work on texture, painting on various materials to build a less smooth aesthetic.

PIAF invites the other to enter in his poesy, to rediscover the spontaneity of our feelings in order to go to the essential.

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